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Top 10 Films of 2013

Ahhh another year down, and another parade of great films has been released this year.  It becomes harder and harder it seems to really see everything that comes out that is both critically acclaimed, and also fly under the radar type films, at times, but I’ve seen a lot of great films and these were my 10 favorite.

Honorable Mentions:  Dallas Buyers Club, Mud, Man of Steel, A Band Called Death, This is the End

11. The Wolf of Wall Street

*(I’m leaving the film in at #11 because it was part of my original top 10)  DiCaprio, Scorsese, what more do you want?  DiCaprio gives the performance of the year as money hungry Jordan Belfort.  He wants it all.  All the money, all the drugs, all the women, all the everything.  Nothing is going to bring him down except his ego, and maybe the FBI.  Great performances, great story, excessive fun.


10. Prisoners

The first time I heard of the premise of Prisoners I thought, oh great here we go again.  A man’s daughter is kid-napped and he has to fight the law in order to find her, but the film is much much more than that.  It’s about how extreme one will go in order for it to happen.  Amazing performances, great twists and turns, and one hell of an ending you will not forget.


9. Sound City

Sound City was the first great film I saw of 2013.  It’s not just a documentary about a super famous studio where dozens of hit records were created.  It’s the story of all those people that set foot into the studio, and how those musicians meet up again to create more music.  It’s much more than many Rock/Docs I’ve seen over the years.  Dave Grohl you’ve outdone yourself once again.

Out of the Furnace Poster.jpg

8. Out of the Furnace

I love Christian Bale, and he just makes everything he does that much better.  Another story of a guy who just can’t seem to get things right for himself and his family.  The odds are stacked against him, and the actions of those around him, along with circumstances he can’t control, set him on a dangerous path.

Fruitvale Station poster.jpg

7. Fruitvale Station

Michael B. Jordan gives the one performance that I felt deserves even more attention.  A kid that just tries to do things right for him and his family, but it seems he’s set on another path.  First time director Ryan Coogler gives us a very intimate, documentary style, look into an unbelievable true tale.

World War Z poster.jpg

6. World War Z

Easily the most straight up entertaining film of the year.  World War Z gave me everything I was screaming for from The Walking Dead….action!  Marc Forster is no stranger to directing great films, and Brad Pitt does what he was born to do, entertain.

5. Gravity

The technical aspects alone put this into my top 10.  Cuaron’s vision is perfect, and he gives us what I can only imagine, the most realistic portrayal of what it would be like to be in space.  Gravity is extremely claustrophobic, edge of your seat action and drama.  Some of the dialogue is a little cheesy I do agree, but that doesn’t take away from what an experience the film is.

The Hunt (2012 film).jpg

*4. The Hunt

This is a late add, hence the asterisk.  I saw The Hunt after I made my original list, but had to put it back in here.  Mads Mikkelsen is fantastic as a kindergarten teacher wrongly accused of molesting one of his students in a sleepy Danish town. Grown men act like children as a witch hunt ensues.

Nebraska Poster.jpg

3. Nebraska

Nebraska seems so simple and almost boring at first, but Alexander Payne always has a way of taking very basic characters with simple lives and turning them inside out to make them interesting.  Will Forte and Bruce Dern are so great, and this is an intimate look into a very complex father/son relationship.  Hilarious, and heart-warming.

2. Blue is the Warmest Color

Adele Exarchophoulos gives the best performance of the year as a teen confused about her sexuality.  When she meets Emma everything changes for her.  This along with Before Midnight, is one of the most accurate depictions of a relationship that I have ever seen.  Brilliantly acted and directed.

1. Before Midnight

Richard Linklater closes out his trilogy (for now anyway) in perfect style.  Before Midnight is the most realistic portrayal of marriage I have scene since perhaps Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes’s From a Marriage.  We’ve grown to know Celine and Jesse.  We know how their relationship began, the pain’s they went through, and how they came to be now.  We exist inside their relationship and feel like we are a part of it, and that is an amazing thing that Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke, and of course Richard Linklater have all created.