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Take Me Home Tonight – DVD review

Take Me Home Tonight

PhotobucketAh the 80’s are alive and well on film once again brought to you by That 70’s Show’s Topher Grace, and the always lovely and under-rated Anna Farris.  They play brother and sister in the year 1988, four years after high school, where everyone has graduated college and everyone is supposed to have it all figured out.    Topher plays Matt a MIT graduate who is stuck working at a Suncoast video store while trying to look at the next step in his life.  He has been harboring feelings for a girl Tory, who was the girl who he let get away in high school.  It seems that everyone decides to come back home after graduating college for a big bash with all their high school friends, thrown by party maestro Kyle who is Anna Farris’s (Wendy) boyfriend.

They all gather together in order to tell lies about themselves, hyping the stories of their lives up in order to make it seem like they are all important, and seem like we should all give a shit about them.  Guess what…I don’t.  It’s no wonder this movie was in the theater for one week.  Topher Grace should earn a razzie for his portrayal of a nerdy, yet somehow arrogant and annoying high school dweeb, pretending to work at Goldman Sachs.  I was so annoyed by him I contemplated throwing a glass of 12 year old scotch through my television just to get rid of him, and it would have been worth the price of a new TV.

Barry Nathan plays his best friend Dan who gets fired from his job at an import car dealership only to discover a bag of coke that leads him on a journey of excess, which includes sex with Ohio native Angie Everhart…pretty much the best part of the movie.

Matt relentlessly chases after Tory and lies about his life in order to try and live up to her standards.  She graduated from Cambridge with honors and has the whole world in front of her.  The story is the oldest story known to mankind.  Boy is a loser….boy wants hot girl…boy blows it….boy gets a shot at getting her back…boy blows it…in the end they figure it out….yawnfest.

The biggest annoyance about the whole film is that it is set in this 80’s wonderland in which every single person you come across is a cliche of an 80’s character from a film, and that doesn’t make any sense when cliche’s were busy being created during this time period.  You can tell this film was written 30 years after the fact.  Zero development of or depth of any character.

If I wanted to see a movie like this…that was well done might I add you…I would have rented the classic License to Drive with the always on point Corey Feldman and Corey Haim (rest in peace Brozilla)  Skip this.  Don’t rent it. Don’t watch it on TBS next month. Don’t bother.

Grade: D-