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The Hunt

The Hunt (2012 film).jpgThe Hunt is nominated for an Oscar this year and while I don’t think it’s as amazing a film as Blue is the Warmest Color (which shockingly wasn’t even nominated)….it’s pretty damn close.  Unfortunately I’ve already released my top 10 films of the year, otherwise this would have made it at #4.

The Hunt stars Mads Mikkelsen (one of my favorite actors that people just don’t talk enough about) as Lucus, a kindergarten teacher in a small Danish village.  Lucus is a simple man.  He loves his job, he loves the kids he get’s to work with, and he loves his son Marcus.  He doesn’t want much else out of life, and he tries his best to make ends meet, along with getting along with his sons mother who hates his guts for some reason.

Lucas’s best friends are Agnes and Theo, another couple that have a young daughter Klara ,who is a student of Lucas’s.  Lucas is a good friend of the family and will do anything to help them out.  He walks Klara to school some days even when they’re too busy to take her.  Everything changes though when young Klara tells Grethe, another teacher at the school, that she saw Lucas’s penis.  This is after her older brother showed her a picture of one on his iPad, making a comment in the process about it.  For some reason the way Klara processed that image led her to lie about a situation with Lucas.  What ensues is a witch hunt.

Lucas is wrongly accused of molesting Klara, and soon the whole town is against him.  The young Klara gets caught up in the mess as well.  She can’t discern fact from fiction, and what she knows is right from what she is told by the adults around her ,who have already made up their mind about Lucas.

Only a few close family members stay by Lucas side as his whole world crumbles down around him.  Lucas has always been a quiet man, but he will have to find a way to wake up inside in order to clear his name.

Mads Mikkelson is nothing short of amazing here, as he always is in everything.  He transforms himself from a very quiet, mild-mannered guy minding his business, into something completely different.  He’s truly a great actor.

The tension of the film reminded me a lot of another film that I loved this year Prisoners.  It’s the same sort of tightrope walk of a story, with tension compounding and building throughout the course of the film.  It’s easily one of the years best.

Grade: A+