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Let’s Be Cops

Let's Be Cops poster.jpgLet’s Be Cops takes the buddy cop movie to a whole new level…because they’re not real cops.  Luke Greenfield who directed The Girl Next Door, one of the most vastly underrated movies of last decade, is back with the tale of two lovable losers who can’t get their careers going in L.A.

Jake Johnson plays Ryan O’Malley, star Purdue football QB who never made it to the NFL after an injury.  He lives off the money he made from a herpes commercial, while terrorizing neighborhood kids as their pretend football coach.  He does absolutely nothing the rest of the time.  Damon Wayans Jr. plays Justin Miller, a game developer that is doing everything he can to get his police video game greenlit, but that gets shut down too.  These two guys can’t get anything going for themselves.

They attend a Purdue alumni costume party one evening, dressed in the police officer uniform props from Justin’s game.  Too bad the costume party is a masquerade ball.  The guys are humiliated, realizing that L.A. just isn’t for them, and maybe they should move back to Ohio.

They take a walk down the streets and something is different.  Everyone loves a man in uniform it seems. Everyone they come across thinks they are real cops.  A pair of cops even walks by them and nod at their brothers in blue.  Everyone is fooled.  They’re not themselves anymore, and that’s when the brilliant idea to take this further kicks in to high gear.  If their lives sucks so bad, why don’t they just pretend to be police officers, because that life is badass.

Nina Dobrev plays Justin’s love interest Josie, a waitress at a local restaurant, but Justin being a cop is a big part of the falling.  The plot thickens when we learn that Josie’s family is being shaken down by the local eastern European mob.  It seems the mob, and a bad dude named Mossi, want part ownership in the restaurant…reason to unfold.  Ryan and Justin get in over their heads as they start getting into real cop problems, and on the radar of Mossi and his gang of thugs.  Ryan won’t back down though.  He finally has something to live for, and Justin won’t let his best friend down, or the girl he loves.

Jake Johnson and Damon Waylans Jr. are both poached from the great TV show The New Girl and basically play the exact same characters.  Jake especially, is an actor who I think is the exact same person in everything he does, and I’m cool with that.  There are those actors that are just naturally charming and fun to watch and he’s one of them.

Let’s Be Cops is nothing new, but that’s not a problem.  It’s fun.  It’s funny, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from a comedy like this, and sometimes that’s more than enough.

Grade: B