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Horrible Bosses – review

Horrible Bosses

The majority of us who work in the corporate world don’t enjoy our jobs, and for those that do, you’re all lying to yourselves.  But nothing, and I mean nothing makes it worse than when you have a terrible, vicious boss that makes your life a living hell day after day after day. 

Horrible Bosses stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and THE Charlie Day of Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame.  They are old old friends, and each of them works a very different job, and each of them has one horrible boss ruining their life.  Bateman works a corporate sales job, and is promised a VP sales job from his boss, played by Kevin Spacey.  Spacey tricks Bateman (Nick) into drinking alcohol in the morning, and staying late for work but has always known that he will never give Nick the promotion, and “owns him”.  Jason Sudeikis’s (Kurt) boss, played by Donald Sutherland dies and leaves the chemical business to his coke snorting son Bobby, played by Colin Farrell, and Charlie Day’s (Dale) boss Julia, played by Jennifer Aniston, makes his life as a dental assistant a living hell by sexually harassing him every day….which his friends don’t seem to think is a problem, and frankly neither do I.

Nick, Kurt and Dale share their horror stories after work while downing some beers at their local Applebees, when they decide it’s time to do something about it….kill their bosses.  What ensues is aThree Amigos-esque film in which the three main characters vow to help each other out in getting their bosses killed, and manage to step on each other’s toes in the process.  Their first idea is to hire, what they believe is a hitman, in Dean “MuthaFu**er” Jones, played by Jamie Foxx.  The three have no idea where to start, or how to go about the hit, and that’s where all the fun is.

I must say that Charlie Day, made the film.  He basically plays the exact same character as he does on Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and that is a great thing.  He’s hilarious. Reminds me of almost a modern day Charlie Chaplin, and kept the film fresh and the laughs rolling non-stop.  The film works with the three actors working together and playing off each other.  None of them becomes the main focus of the film, and each of them shares the screen, which is a perfect way to play this type of buddy film.

Kurt can’t seem to keep his pants on whenever he runs into a beautiful woman, Dale’s boss being one of them, and Dale and Nick can’t seem to stop screwing the whole plan up and making things worse for themselves the entire time.  Somehow, and someway though, they’re gonna make it work.

The script is what really kept the movie moving along, and I’m betting lots of the jokes where a result of ad-libbing on set.  This can be a curse for lots of films that operate this way, but Bateman, Sudeikis and especially Charlie Day show that they are able to pull it off and make for one hell of a summer comedy.  There’s obviously not a lot of substance to the film, like there is in the best comedy of the year, Bridesmaids, but sometimes a comedy doesn’t need substance, it just needs to make you laugh.

Grade: B