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Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For


The first Sin City was one of my favorite films of 2005.  A film noir that had a look and feel unlike any other film I’d seen before.  It was a great film that put a unique spin on films from a forgotten era, and added that comic book/graphic novel aspect to it.

If you haven’t seen the first film it’s going to be kind of hard for you to follow along with numerous parts of Sin City 2.  Actually even if you have seen the first one you’ll be confused.  The film picks up where the first left, but you’ll probably need a refresher course because some elements of the sequel are hard to place, and some characters have been forgotten in the 10 years since the original

Marv is back as a badass and protector, who is hell bent on finding bad guys and causing a ruckus.  He finds himself placed into different situations between 3 different story-lines.

The first story involves Johnny (Joseph Gordon Levitt) as a young gambler who never loses.  He sets out to take down his father Senator Roark in a backroom poker game.  Proving himself as a worthy son, or  perhaps adversary it seems.  I love Levitt, but this story just had me scratching my head upon completion.

The second story is the most fleshed out story, and involves Dwight McCarthy (Josh Brolin) as he gets wrapped back up in his ex-wife Ava’s (Eva Green…who doesn’t know how to wear any clothes in the film) life.  She’s a no good dirty dame, but Dwight can’t stop himself from doing stupid things just to try and win her love. The most fleshed out yes, but not very interesting at all.

The third story involves Nancy (Jessica Alba), returning in the same role from Sin City.  Nancy is followed by the ghost of Jim Hartigan (Bruce Willis).  She is in a downward spiral, and the only thing that may set her straight is to avenge Hartigan’s death and kill Senator Roark, who’s responsible.

A number of other characters make an appearance from the first film, but they’re just thrown in there as after-thoughts…hey remember this person? They’re here again!

Most of the action revolves around two thing; someone getting their eye shot or, thrown out a window.  Robert Rodriguez should have shot 10 minutes of the film and then put it on a loop 12 times.  The results would have been the same.  The acting is atrocious and it’s probably because of the ridiculous dialogue placed into the actors mouth.  Not ridiculous in a fun way, laughably bad ridiculous.

Sin City 2 suffers from extremely weak writing and subplots that I could care less about, and it also suffers from extremely poor editing.   Too much time is spent on the Dame To Kill For storyline making you completely forgetting about The Long Bad Night story that the film begins with.  It circles back and I think…oh yeah…forgot about this, and by that I point I could care less.

Sin City 2 is plain sloppy.  It’s sad we’ve had to wait almost 10 years for this mess.

Grade: D