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Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin film poster.jpgBlue Ruin is the story of a homeless man, Dwight, who sets his sights on going back home after the man who murdered his parents, Wade, is released from prison.  Very early on we realize that Dwight’s one goal is to exact revenge on the soon to be freed murderer.  It seems Dwight has nothing else to live for, and that his life is pretty messed up now because of Wade.

Dwight meets up with his sister who he hasn’t seen in some time, to talk about Wade’s release and explain his plan.  Each action he takes, and each person he comes across will take him down a more complicated path.

Blue Ruin examines revenge in its purest form, and it deals with the harsh realty that murder is a hard thing to do, and a harder thing to deal with.  So often in the movies we see people being murdered left and right and the consequences never matter or amount to much, but here one murder can change everything.

I love films like this because of the simplicity behind them.  Dude killed a guys parents.  Dude’s life went down the shitter.  Killer gets out of jail.  Dude wants to kill him and will stop at nothing in order to do so.  Revenge. Macon Blair who plays Dwight is an extremely sympathetic character, and you really feel sad for this guy the entire way.  He does a great job here, and is the complete opposite of your typical character seeking revenge.

Should we believe in the old parable “an eye for an eye”, and should we have sympathy for Dwight.  Will his actions be justified if he succeeds, and more importantly will he find solace in the killing of the man who hurt him so much? Blue Ruin sets out to answer these questions, and it does a hell of a good job of entertaining and keeping you locked in suspense along the way.

Grade: B+