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Bad Teacher – review

Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher stars Cameron Diaz as Elizabeth Halsey the worst teacher, and biggest bitch on the planet.  Five minutes into the movie I hated her, and there was no refuge from her narcism, drug abuse, and all around bad behavior.  Supporting her is the usually talented Justin Timberlake as Scott Delacort, a rich watchmaker heir who decides to take up teaching as a profession.  Timberlake’s character attempts to be funny but is completely out of place as a well dressed playboy who acts likes he is 12 years old the entire film.  We round out the cast of misfits with Amy Squirrell a fellow uber-teacher who butts head with Elizabeth at ever turn, and gym teacher Russell played by Jason Segal, who is pretty much the only normal, like-able, and believable character in the entire film. 

The film opens as Halsey quits on the last day of her first year of teaching.  She is getting married to a very rich man soon, but when she comes home she is confronted by his fiance and his mother, who are on to her money swindling schemes.  She is soon single, broke, and left to crawl back to the school to get a job and make money the good old fashion way, earning it.

Fast forward three months later to the beginning of a new school year in which Halsey does nothing but show films in class to her children while sleeping off her hangovers every day, and trying to find ways to scheme more money for a boob job in order to court rich men and Chicago Bulls basketball players.  She schemes, scams, and steals at every turn in order to raise the funds, including stealing from a 7th grade car wash, and blackmailing students parents in order for good grades.

Diaz is horrendous.  Unwatchable.  Annoying.  Evil.  Awful.  The children she has to teach are terrible, lifeless and interchangeable as well.  We are thrust through 90+ minutes of pot and vagina jokes, half of which don’t make any sense and leave us scratching our heads.  The teachers in this school would never exist in real life, and if they do I am terrified for the children who would ever have to deal with them.

The teacher film has been done before, and done a lot better.  This is like a bad version of School of Rock (one of the best in the genre), but without any heart, soul or humor.  Bad Teacher tries to sit somewhere in between School of Rock and a film like Election in which the characters are a little annoying, but they have these sad redeeming qualities that make them like-able in those films.  Jason Segal thank you for being the one saving grace of the entire film. I’m sorry you had to subject yourself to the torture of making it just to give me some relief.  Skip this.

Grade: D+