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Bridesmaids – review


Kristen Wiig, of SNL fame, plays Annie, a down on her luck 30 something who is asked to be the maid of honor in her best friend Lillies wedding. (Maya Rudolph, also of SNL).  Kristen just can’t seem to get things right in her personal and professional life.  She’s currently seeing a guy that only calls her over at two in the morning for a hook-up (John Hamm).  She seems to think this is ok because at least he’s being honest with her.  She is currently working at a second rate jewelry store because her mother is the AA sponsor for the owner.  She used to own and operate a bakery that couldn’t stay afloat after the recession hit, but hat’s not to say she isn’t a talented baker.  It just seems that she has constantly fallen on hard times.  Her mother encourages her to move forward with her life.  She’s hit bottom…well she’s about to hit bottom. 

Annie begins to plan all of the affairs for Lillies wedding; the shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, etc.  She however must deal with Helen who is also in the wedding party.  Helen (Rose Byrne) is a well to do trophy wife who has just befriended Lillie within the last year.  Helen it seems believes that she should be Lillies maid of honor, and puts down Annie’s ideas left and right.  Annie just can’t seem to get anything right as is evidence by some of the most hilarious scenes to ever happen on screen with a cast of talented female actresses.  I almost pee’d my pants during the dress fitting scene, and it wasn’t because of all the pop I drank.

Annie feels she is just one of those people that is cursed in life.  Nothing can, or ever will go right for her, and it seems she is ruining her best friends wedding one event at a time.  Even when an innocent officer of the law befriends her, she believes it can’t be right, because that’s how her life works.  Little does she know that she is Lillies anchor, and perhaps the officer knows more about her than she thinks.

There is one elaborate scene that I thought took a lot of balls to create and put on the screen involving the girls in the bridal party really getting to know each other on a plane ride.  At first it seems that it’s an extended scene of ad-libbing, but each scene plays off the slow decent into chaos for all of the characters involved.  It’s scenes like this that take Bridesmaids from being just another summer comedy, to being something special.  Also the cast of characters in the bridal party each add their own special element in the comedic mix.

I cannot begin to say enough wonderful things about Kristen Wiig in this film.  Kristen’s portrayal of Annie is spectacular.  The film works because Annie, even though she’s this lovable loser, is also charming, witty, sweet, vulnerable, and sexy all at once, and she doesn’t even realize it.  You can relate to her at every turn, and Wiig is fantastic at this.  This is the reason why Bridesmaids is one of the best films I’ve seen so far this year.

Grade: A-