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Thor – review


Comic book films are being made like crazy now-a-days, and bringing in gigantic box office revenues.  Some comic book films are taking advantage of all the people rushing to take in every film in the genre and should be ashamed of themselves.  I am constantly in awe though when a comic book film is done well, and done right, and Thor is one of those films. 

Chris Hensworth steps into the title role as the mythical god who could care less about anything except fighting, and basking in his own glory.  Thor is soon to take over the throne as King of Asgard from his aging father Odin.  His brother Loki though, has other ideas as to who should be the next ruler.  The film opens as Thor decides to take on the Frost Giants, just as his father had done before after a small company of them infiltrated the kingdom.  He sets out to prove to his father that he is the rightful heir to the throne.  This whoever lands him into some serious hot water, and he is soon banished to earth…without any of his powers.

A crew of scientists led by the always talented and beautiful Natalie Portman (Jane), and Stellan Skarsgard (Dr. Selvig) soon find Thor in a wide open expanse of land.  Some pretty funny scenes then commence as Thor is not quite used to his earthly body yet, or the linguistic nature of his new land.  Even though she knows she probably shouldn’t, Jane soon vows to help Thor find what he is looking for, his weapon of choice the mythical Mjolnir.  His father separated Thor from the weapon and it can only be wielded again once a true hero can carry it.  The only problem is that S.H.I.E.L.D. has found the where-abouts of Mjolnir and they won’t be letting anyone around it anytime soon.

There is a lot of really great backstory up to this point about the mythical nature and relations of Thor, Loki, and their father Odin, not to mention some really great battle scenes that take place in Asgard (a pretty impressive CGI land).  From here Hensworth does a hell of a job learning to be human and perhaps understanding why his father banished him to earth.  He does a solid job without taking it over the top.  Portman really ties this whole story together bringing her skills to the table as an actress…I’m pretty much in love with Natalie Portman if you haven’t figured it out by now.

The action continues to unfold much like some of the better comic book films around, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Batman Begins. Director Kenneth Branagh (yes THE Kenneth Branagh) sticks to the formula that has made the other films in this genre successful. He’s able to put some personality into the film along the way, and that’s what truly makes for this being a successful comic book film.

I’ve been pretty impressed with all of the films, and characters that have been made leading up to next years Avengers film, and I’m really looking forward to Captain America this summer.  I read tons of comic books as a kid, and while I read a few Thor comic books during that time, he was never really a character that I cared too much about.  I always found him so one note and lacking a lot of personality.  Branagh’s version of Thor however is completely the opposite.

Grade:  B+