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Black Sea

220px-Black_Sea_(film)Black Sea stars Jude Law as Captain Robinson, a submarine captain that has lost his job of 11 years and is hired from a financial backer to search the depths of the Black Sea, for a Nazi submarine carrying millions of pounds in gold.

Robinson has no other prospects and takes the job in hopes of finding the ultimate score and retiring forever.  He’s given free reign to hire his crew and set out in search of the sub.

The mission in itself is dangerous.  What makes it more dangerous is that the crew must be made up of both British and Soviet crew members.  Crew members that seem to have a very hard time of getting along, and more importantly hard time working together as a team to find the sub.  What they’re doing isn’t exactly legal either, so they have to make sure everything is done under the radar.  They’re essentially pirates.

Robinson has to keep the crew together, but soon events lead to the mission seeming all but doomed.  Robinson has his eye on the gold though, and he’s the only one that can keep the mission on track and keep the crew from killing each other.

Black Sea feels like The Perfect Storm meets Das Boot meets…Alien? The crew is packed tight in this sardine can and day to day life wears on them, even though they are all…well most of them…experienced crew members.  The film is a tightrope between surviving, and getting the gold.  Is it possible to do both, or must they choose?

The film is directed by Kevin Macdonald who’s 2003 film Touching the Void was one of my favorites of the year.  Black Sea is claustrophobic.  It’s tense.  It’s stressed, and it’s a perfectly paced and directed film by Macdonald.  Law has always been a solid actor and he does his part here.  Black Sea is a film that I’m sure not many people will see in theaters, and unfortunately most people will skip when available on video.  That’s a shame, because it felt to me like the first great film of 2015.

Grade: A-