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Jurassic World

220px-Jurassic_World_posterI’ve kind of finally succumbed to the fact that Hollywood needs to turn out sequels and reboots every year.  Some are actually better than good, some are downright horrible, and some are just…well…fun, and that’s what you get from Jurassic World.  I wasn’t expecting much from Jurassic World and I actually got a lot more than that.  I spend so much time critiquing and analyzing films that sometimes it’s fun to just take off that hat and enjoy a film.  Jurassic World does what it should do…entertain.

Hollywood’s it boy Chris Pratt stars as Owen Grady, a raptor trainer, and all around badass, who works for the Jurassic World theme park.  A park that has opened 22 years after the disaster that was Jurassic Park.  For some reason people thought it was a good idea to actually open the park after all, and cash in on violent test-tube dinosaurs…because of course they can contain them in their controlled environment now. We all know that’s not the case though.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Owen’s love interest Claire.  Claire runs day to day operations at Jurassic World, and of course her and Owen have a lot hate relationship with each other.  Claire’s sister has sent her her two boys Gray and Zach to go visit their aunt and enjoy the park.  Younger brother Gray is in love with the world, while older brother Zach could care less and would like to spend more time staring at teenage girls, in the hopes that they might talk to him.

Things start to go awry almost immediately as the park is dealing with a breach from a new dinosaur that they have created.  The dinosaur is a hybrid of a number of other dinosaurs and just random animals.  They’ve created the perfect killing machine…you know because that makes sense to do at a friendly family park.  Owen sets out to track the dinosaur named Indominus Rex and stop it before it kills all 20,000 people on the island.  Meanwhile, Vic Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio) head of security for the island, is the evil henchman who things he can create a mind controlled raptor force to take care of the abomination.  Throw in some Jake Johnson as IT nerd Lowery Cruthers and you have a recipe for one heck of a good time!

For the most part Jurassic World has a plug and play script that we’ve seen 50,000 times already.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  The reason it keeps the entertainment value high is because there is tons of great action, and lots of humor along the way.  You can basically thank Chris Pratt for the film being so fun.  There’s also plenty of violence along the way as well.  Actually so much violence that I’m shocked the film didn’t get an R rating.

The basic idea of Jurassic World is complete nonsense.  No one in their right mind would attempt to open this park after what happened so long ago, but then again we wouldn’t have a film if they didn’t.  It’s filled with wild ideas that don’t really make sense at times, but should we care?  Not really.  We should just sit back, enjoy the ride, and watch dinosaurs eat each other.

Grade: B