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Scream 4 – review

Scream 4

Wes Craven is back with his 4th installment of the Scream series after an 11 year hiatus…and he should have kept the hiatus going, because this is hands down the worst movie of the year, and one of the worst movies I have ever spent my hard earned money on.

Sidney Prescott is back in Woodsboro on the last leg of her book tour, which just so happens to be the 15th anniversary of the murders she endured in high school as well…gee what a coincidence.  It also just so happens that murders start popping up immediately everywhere as the mysterious Ghostface is back….ZOINKS!

Enter the lovable Dewey who is now the sheriff of Woodsboro and Gail Weathers who is struggling to write a new book after her successful books that spawned the fictional Stab film series that now number 7.  Craven then brings in a fresh cast consisting of Emma Roberts (Sidney’s cousin) Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, and a bunch of other hot looking young kids that try and liven up the screen to no avail.

Scream 4 then precedes to continue with every single cliche in the horror book, and the kids even repeat dialogue from the first Scream film about the rules of horror films, and who will die next, and blah blah blah.  It’s so tired of a film that not a single original idea can be found anywhere.

Kids get picked off one by one, as we try and figure out who is behind the Ghostface mask once again, and when we finally find out who it is in one of the dumbest Scooby Doo moments ever, it becomes apparent that Wes Craven should have NEVER dusted off the franchise.  It took you 11 years to come up with this script?  What a piece of garbage.

Grade: F