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Sucker Punch – review

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is auteur Zack Snyder’s follow up to his fantastic film The Watchman.  The film centers around a young girl, Babydoll who lost her mother, and accidentally shot her sister while trying to save her from her step-father.  Babydoll is soon institutionalized by her step-father who pays to have a doctor lobotomize her within the next five days.  This will rid him of her, and he will collect all the inheritance from his dead wife’s will.

While in the institution she soon befriends four other girls, Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie, and Amber.  We don’t stay in the institution for long though. We are soon transported from the institution to a strip club in which all of the girls are being held against their will to dance.  Snyder tries to trip us up a little in a ridiculous plot twist that I saw coming 100 miles away.  Babydoll decides that they must find a way to escape the strip club, and the only way they can do that involves a plot that is so idiotic that I thought it was written by a four year old.  They must find a map, a lighter, a knife and a key, and the only way to do this is to get Babydoll to dance for men.  Yes dance for men, and get a bunch of meaningless objects.  She’s so good at it that people are hypnotized by her dancing and become zombie’s basically.  Every time Babydoll dances she also is transported to another world in which her and the gang of girls embark on a fantasy quest that ends with them eventually getting each piece of the puzzle.  Each fantasy quest involves the girls fighting Nazi’s, Dragons, Zombies, etc.

Sucker Punch plays out like an orgy of slow motion fight sequences, while hard-pumping industrial music plays in the background of almost every single scene.  Imagine playing the video gameBioshock or Dragon Age on acid while Bjork’s greatest hits is turned up to 11 and strobe lights are pulsing all around you for two hours.  While this makes for some really badass visual sequences, it also makes for one sloppy mess of a movie in which the soundtrack becomes the annoying force of the film.  It plays like a series of music videos endlessly linked together.  There is no substance or connection between any of the scenes.  It is a really stunning film though.  It looks fantastic, and it does have some really interesting fight sequences…which are all in slow-mo.  Just because you can CGI a bunch of shit, doesn’t mean you should.

The girls are gorgeous, and they kick ass through the entire film, and Sucker Punch definitely gets a few bonus points for that.  But the plot is a ridiculous jumble that I felt insulted my intelligence as a movie goer.  I felt like I got suckered in to seeing this film, and then punched in the gut when it was all over.  Let’s hope Snyder can make a big turn around with his direction of the newSuperman reboot coming out next year.

Grade: D+