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Just when I thought M. Night Shyamalan restored my faith in his films with the “decent” The Visit, he once again ruins it with Split.  Easily headed to be my pick for the worst film of 2017.

We’re given a film with no suspense, no plot, no characters I care about, no explanation of those characters or even the protagonist.  We’re given a film that could have been summed up as a 10 minute short film and…..


A ridiculous setup for his mediocre film Unbreakable.

We follow three girls as they are abducted by a man who has multiple personality disorder.  There’s no rhyme or reason as to why he chose these three girls.  He just did, and guess what! we’ll never find out why!  We meet all of his personalities, male and female, trying to understand his reasoning.  There is no reason.  He claims there is someone called the beast that is calling for them.  We will learn about the beast later, and when we do…big whoop.  Zero payoff.

Split is boring.  It’s exhausting as you try to figure out what the point of the whole film is.  It has no payoff.  It’s sloppy.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again….I’m insulted by his style of filmmaking.  It’s dumb, and the fact that he keeps getting bankrolled to make films is mind-numbing.

My only saving grace is that I stole this movie from a torrent site.  I almost paid money to go see it, but didn’t.  Thank god.  Whyyyyyy do I still give you a chance??  Garbage.

Grade: F