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Continuing with my Christopher Nolan theme, Insomnia is the story of a top of the line LA detective that is called upon to solve a homicide in Alaska of a high school girl.

Insomnia is a remake of a 1997 Norwegian film of the same name.  I haven’t actually seen the original, which I need to do, but the main unwritten character is the daytime that never ends.  There’s no darkness.  These characters live in eternal daylight.  They’re sleep-deprived and can’t escape the sun, and it affects them deeply.  It affects their actions and compounds the lives they have been dealing with, especially in the case of Al Pacino’s character Will Dormer.

Will is a world renowned detective, but he’s not always on the up and up.  He’s running from a few demons of his own in LA, and has Internal Affairs on his back for certain misconduct in past cases.  He’s a man who knows what needs to get done to solve a case.  That doesn’t mean his actions are always right.

Will gets more in the thick of things as the case goes on, and he starts to hone in on a suspect, Walter Finch (Robin Williams).  Finch is a hometown loner that has always been a little strange, and local’s know is a little off.  Will focuses on him, but things start to go awry within his task force, and then he finds himself in a whole different mess.

A lot of talk involves The Prestige as the one Nolan standout that never got enough credit, but I think Insomnia is the really that film.  It’s suspenseful, it’s dark, it sits in Nolan’s world so well.  It also has the feel that we will see in his future films.

Grade: A-