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Hall Pass – review

Hall Pass

It’s been 4 years since the Farrelly Brothers annoying and humorless Heartbreak Kid, and 6 years since their less than stellar adaption of the Nick Hornby novel, Fever Pitch. They were the kings of comedy in the 90’s with hits like Dumb and DumberKingpin, and There’s Something About Mary, but they’ve since lost that moniker to the money train of movies by Judd Apatow, and those associated with him along with Todd Phillips. (Old School, The Hangover) I’m wondering if they’ve got anything left in the tank, and the answer is…NO…Hell NO.  Hall Pass is one gigantic cliche.  Boring, pathetic, annoying and worst of all, not in the least bit funny.  This is one gigantic pile of sad bastard garbage.

Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis play two husbands (Rick and Fred) who are married to two nagging annoying wives played by Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate.  They are in a marriage yet constantly think about how awesome life was when they were single, and think about all the women they could bag if they weren’t married now.  These guys are losers, not lovable, happy-go-lucky movie losers, straight up losers.  These are the kind of mopes that you would never want to hang out with.  They’re jackasses.  They bitch about their lives for 1/2 the movie before they are finally given a hall pass by their wives to do as they please for a week while the wives go to Cape Cod for the weekend to act like college tramps getting hammered on cheap beer and playing beach volleyball with all the local hunks.

So Rick and Fred spend the second half of the movie being boring.  They wanted their freedom and they spend it hanging out at Applebees and Chili’s eating ribs and bad steaks, causing them to go into food comas and go to sleep early.  If this sounds boring to you, that’s because it is.  It’s painfully boring, and that’s exactly what the entire film is.  Nothing ever seems to happen.  One-off jokes are tossed in that aren’t in the least bit funny. (I never heard a laugh from the packed theater once).

Hall Pass confirmed a few things for me. That’s about it. Those things are:

1) I never want to be given a hall pass because…
2) I never want to get married, especially if Hall Pass is any indication of what is to come.
3) I never want to have children or…
4) Move to the suburbs to become some sad bastard like Rick or Fred

Actually now that I think about it Hall Pass probably isn’t a comedy.  I’ve been reading the film all wrong.  This is probably one of the most realistic horror films ever to be made.  Congratulations Farrelly brothers on making one of the worst comedies I have ever had the disdain to sit through.  Painful.

Grade: F