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Unknown – review


Unknown is the new thriller by the always like-able and talented Liam Neeson.  It begins with his wife and him attending a bio-tech conference in Germany in which Neeson’s character, Dr. Martin Harris, is supposed to present.  He is accompanied by his wife, Mad Men’s January Jones, who finds some way to be even more annoying than she is as Donald Draper’s wife.

Upon first arriving to Germany he is taken to his hotel, but soon realizes one of his briefcases has been mistakenly left at the airport.  He turns around to go get it, entering a cab that gets in a random car wreck, leaving him alone in a hospital and without memory.  He soon finds his way back to his hotel, and the pieces start to come back for him.  The only problem is that his wife denies knowing who he is, and it seems another man, played by Adian Quinn, has become him.  He must now search out a way to prove he is who he says he is.

It’s a great premise to begin with.  The lost memory, and mistaken identity of a man, and he searches out to get it all back.  This is something that was done expertly in films such as Dark City.Not so much here.  The biggest problem is that the film is so jumbled and cluttered that it becomes ridiculous and beyond over the top, to the point of becoming laughable.  Neeson’s character seeks out anyone who can vouch for who he says he is.  It seems that no one can.  Ah, the plot thickens. He is soon aided by a nurse in his hospital who gives him the name of a private detective, who was once a spy in WWII.  He may be able to collect enough information to clear Neeson’s name.

Now this is when Unknown goes way off the deep end.  The movie begins to slowly clue us in on who Neeson’s character actually is.  Perhaps he doesn’t really know the truth about himself, and as this happens the film begins to unravel with every scene, clumsily.  Characters soon get epiphanies out of nowhere.  They make ridiculous decisions, and the whole film is filled with “oh shit” moments that don’t really make sense at times.

The acting, especially from January Jones, is so robotic and monotone it’s hard to believe in anything anyone is doing.  The direction of the film becomes chaotic as well.  The film moves so slowly, and then out of nowhere we are given a car chase to speed things up, with lots of deer in headlights closeups in order to keep the audience from falling asleep.  When laughter is heard in a movie theater for a dramatic action film, that’s a bad thing.

Ridiculous, boring, and a mess of a film.

Rating: C-