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2010 Oscar Nominations and Picks

2010 Oscar Nominations and Picks

And the Nominees Are…

It is time for the 2010 Oscar nominations and picks. Here are the nominees and my choices!Photobucket
Best Picture

1) Black Swan
2) The Fighter
3) Inception
4) The Kings Speech
5) Toy Story 3
6) The Kids Are All Right
7) The Social Network
8) 127 Hours
9) True Grit
10) Winters Bone

No real surprises here as the Academy continues with their 10 nomination trend from last year.Winters Bone is going to be the long shot here and should be happy it was even nominated.  Toy Story 3 will win for best animation so it’s out.  The Kings SpeechBlack Swan, 127 Hours, and The Fighter are all heavy character dramas that will receive recognition in the acting categories so they’re out. True Grit is out because the Coen bros don’t get to clean up again like they do every 10 years.  That leaves Inception, and The Social Network. I truly believe that Inception is a better film, but it’s not going to win here.  The Academy loves the epic misunderstood mogul film, and Social Networks parallels one of the greatest films ever, Citizen Kane, giving it the win here….not to mention it’s time for David Fincher to get his due. 

Best Actor In a Leading Role

1) Javier Bardem in Biutiful
2) Jeff Bridges in True Grit
3) Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network
4) James Franco in 127 Hours
5) Colin Firth in The Kings Speech

This is a no brainer.  Javier Bardem and Jeff Bridges both just won Oscaras so they’re out.  Jesse Eisenberg is one of those young actors that has been around in a lot of great films but has never gotten the credit.  He does here and that’s as far as it goes.  I personally think that James Franco should win.  He blew me away in 127 Hours doing a lot with very little.  Colin Firth has this one locked up though.  A lot of people believe he should have won best actor in Tom Ford’s elegant A Single Man, so this nomination carry’s over from that, not to mention The Kings Speech has the most nominations so it’s going to take at least one major one home not to mention Firth has put up solid performances for decades. He will win a well deserved Oscar in a month.

Best Actress in a Leading Role

1) Annette Bening in The Kids Are Alright
2) Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole
3) Jennifer Lawrence in Winters Bone
4) Natalie Portman in Black Swan
5) Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine

Also a no brainer here.  Nicole Kidman has already won, she’s out.  Jennifer Lawrence turned in a great performance in a small indie picture, so being nominated is the honor here. Michelle Williams plays a some what disturbing role, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the performance that will win. Annette Bening will lose once again, unfortunately, because she gives a powerful but some what subdued performance.  All of this because… Natalie Portman blows the doors off, and carry’s Black Swan.  She’ll win.

Best Supporting Actor

1) Christian Bale in The Fighter
2) John Hawkes in Winters Bone
3) Jeremy Renner in The Town
4) Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are Alright
5) Geoffrey Rush in The Kings Speech

I guess the Academy didn’t want to make it interesting this year.  Another no brainer.  Rush is out he already one for Shine 15 odd years ago.  Hawkes and Renner are out. Again the nomination is to recognize two films that largely got passed by.  Ruffalo is the long shot here, but he turned in a hell of a performance.  It’s Bale’s time though, and he deserves this one. He transformed himself for that role.  I want to mention this.  I think Andrew Garfield got robbed by not being nominated for The Social Network. He is truly one of the great young actors out there today, and his performance was fantastic.  Believe me…he’ll have his due one day. Mark my words.

Best Supporting Actress

1) Amy Adams in The Fighter
2) Helena Bonham Carter in The Kings Speech
3) Melissa Leo in The Fighter
4) Hailee Steinfield in True Grit
5) Jacki Weaver in Animal Kingdom

This one is a crap shoot, but I’m going to attempt to dissect it.  Adams and Leo are going to split  so they’re out.  Weaver is out for the same reason that Hawkes and Lawrence are out for Winters Bone. That leaves Steinfield and Bonham Carter.  The Academy can go two ways.  Award it to Steinfield for a strong performance from a young actor in a Coen Bros film, or for the seasoned veteran in one of the best reviewed films of the year. This is a toss up.  I’m going Anna Paquin on this and choosing Steinfield because the Academy loves to see fresh faces, and crying and shit like that on stage.

Best Director

1) Darren Aronofsky for Black Swan
2) David O. Russell for The Fighter
3) Tom Hooper for The Kings Speech
4) David Fincher for The Social Network
5) The Coen Brothers for True Grit

Don’t ask me why Christopher Nolan wasn’t nominated for Inception?! Pretty much one of the biggest snubs in Oscar history. He’ll pick up his Oscar for best original screenplay ala Quentin Tarantino, so don’t worry everyone. You guys just made this pick easy for me.  Russell I honestly feel does not deserve to be nominated. I felt his film was sloppy at times and lacked direction.  He’s out.  The Coen Bros are out because they just won.  Hooper is out on this one because Firth is getting the win for the film.  Aronofsky, same thing, Portman is bringing home the glory for him.  That leaves Fincher, and I’m going to be happy to see him FINALLY win his Oscar after being nominated several times.  I believe Fincher has been one of top 5 directors in Hollywood for the past 15+ years.

So there are the main nominations and my pics.  Here’s just a quick run down of who I think will win for other nominations. I skipped some of the shorts and things I have no clue about.  You can see all the nominations here.  OSCAR NOMS

Best Animated Film – Toy Story 3
Art Direction – The Kings Speech
Cinematography – The Social Network
Costume Design – I Am Love
Documentary – Inside Job (although Exit Through the Gift Shop should win)
Editing – Black Swan
Foreign Language Film – Biutiful
Sound Editing – Tron: Legacy
Sound Mixing – Inception
Visual Effects – Inception
Adapted Screenplay – The Social Network – Aaron Sorkin
Original Screenplay – Inception – Christopher Nolan