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The Green Hornet – review

The Green Hornet

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!! Wait no that’s not right.  With great power comes great responsibility!! Wait that’s not it either….what the hell does the Green Hornet do?  Well in Seth Rogen’s world he annoys the shit out of you for almost two hours.

Rogen plays Britt Reid, the son of recently deceased newspaper mogul James Reid, who it seems hated his son just about as much as I did in this film.  Britt has spent his life pissing away his fathers money and good name partying every day, all day long.  After his father passes Britt accidentally falls into the graces of Kato, his fathers mechanic, and his life is soon changed forever.

Asian sensation Jay Chou, plays Kato, a karate expert and all around mechanic, computer, and every other genius you can think of.  He and Britt get the good idea to roll around in a badass old school car and fuck with some serious bad guys.  After a couple of cocktails of course.  Soon, the Green Hornet is born, and we get Rogen looking into the camera making goofy faces, making mean spirited jokes, and annoying the piss out of us for the rest of the film.  Kato takes it all in stride, but soon begins to crack, just like the rest of the audience, and the two fight like overgrown teenagers attempting to get us to care about this film at all.  I’m glad I drank an extra large soda during the film, so that I COULD take a pee break.  Thank you Coca-Cola.

Enter the evil Chudnofsky, played by Christoph Waltz, who for some reason remains hidden for the majority of the film, and when he does appear, he comes off as a paranoid space cadet that wants to be a super hero villain and rename himself Blood-nofsky…um ok.  He’s your average, every day drug runner bad guy.  My question is: When you get a guy like that, coming off of one of the greatest roles in the history of cinema, why not use him more?

The true tragic nature of The Green Hornet is that you see none of director Michel Gondry’s originality at all.  This film could have been made by any director in Hollywood looking to cash a check, and that’s what Gondry did…cash a big fat paycheck.  Hey I’m not against making some cash.  I mean we all gotta eat, but Gondry looks like he took a nap through the whole thing.

The one truly saving grace of the film is the end, and that goes a long way.  It makes it worth watching on video, and is highly entertaining, with lots of action while Rogen shuts his word-vomiting mouth.  The rest of the film…ughh.  And in 3-D? Don’t even get me started on that.

The Green Hornet takes the comic book film genre back twenty years with it’s stale plot, forgettable characters, and awful script.  Perhaps the film feels and plays so stale because it has languished in developmental hell for almost two decades, changing hands, scripts, actors, you name it.  You would think after all that time they would have worked out all the particulars….sadly…no.

Grade: C-