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Unstoppable – review

Unstoppable – viewed 12/2/10

I try to review every film with an open mind, but initially going in to Unstoppable, I already had a few pre-concieved notions about the film.  First of all Tony Scott has made flop after flop for the past 15 + years with the exception of 2004’s Man on Fire which is the last of his films I actually liked.  Also his last movie was about a train, The Taking of Pelham 123, also starring Denzel Washington, and also a huge waste of time.  In all honesty the last thing I wanted to see was another Tony Scott movie involving Denzel Washington and a train.  It just so happens that was the only thing playing at the time I showed up to the theater, and that’s pretty much how I found myself sitting down to watchUnstoppable.

With my pre-concieved notions fully in place, I was ready to not be blown away, or entertained at all, and what I got I wouldn’t say is completely the opposite, but was definitely a pleasant surprise from what I was expecting.  Unstoppable, turns out to be a high octane, edge of your seat disaster picture, with some warm moments, and some great ‘screw the man’ moments as well, which I’m always fond of.

The film follows Denzel Washington, a veteran train controller, and Chris Pine, a rookie on his first day on duty.  Each of them, of course, has a nice little back story that they share with each other while locked together in a train.  Now the premise of the film is that two imbeciles working on one of the trains have somehow accidentally put it on runaway mode, and it is explained quite plausibly.   The train soon begins picking up speed and before we know it is on a crash course to kill everyone.  The movie plays out like a natural disaster movie from here on out ,which is actually an interesting way to frame the chaos of the film.  Everyone needs to work together in order to find a way to stop the train.

Now everyone has their own ideas of how to stop the train, and they all come from different perspectives.  The conductors have working knowledge of the trains, but the company who owns the trains are coming from a big business angle and are thinking something completely different.  They only really delve into these opposing sides, and I actually wish they would have played more with that aspect.  Denzel and Pine are on an opposite train that is hurdling towards the destructive train, and that’s when they decide to take action into their own hands.

Tony Scott know how to make an action movie, he knows how to direct a film.  The problem is that he’s just had a lot of misses over the years, and a lot of that has begun with extremely weak scripts.  Unstoppable is based off of actual events, and somehow Scott finds a way to incorporate that with a lot of great fiction as well.  I was really tense and on the edge of my seat for almost the entire film.  You’re not going to find anything ground breaking here, but you are definitely going to be entertained, and you’re going to see a lot of fast cutting action, and that’s always a big plus in my book.

Grade: B-