In the Mood For Love – review – Film Comment #2

#2 – In the Mood For Love – Wong Kar Wai – 2000


Wong Kar Wai’s, “In the Mood For Love” is one of the films that I’ve seen before on this list, and while I don’t believe it is as good as his follow up “2046”, which I believe is a perfect film, it is a fantastic tale of two people thrust into each other’s lives.
In Hong Kong in the early 60’s two neighbors soon realize that their spouses are cheating on them with each other. They soon begin spending time together in order to cope, and to also try and understand how and why the affair took shape. There’s this great scene where the two of them go out to dinner and order what their spouses would order for each other. They are trying to understand how, these people they have spent years with operate. It’s as if they know, or are willing to know more about each other than they actually do about their significant others, who by the way in a stroke of genius we never actually see in the film, we only hear their voices.
I think it’s one of those films that when I saw it the first time probably six or seven years ago I really enjoyed, but the second time around it definitely got better for me, and resonated more for me. His style of filmmaking is absolutely gorgeous and original, he really taps into the intimacy of this tale. This along with ‘2046’ absolutely belong on this list and need to be watched.
Grade: A-

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