Daybreakers – review

Daybreakers – viewed 1/18/10


If there’s one thing I love it’s a good vampire flick. Unfortunately “Daybreakers” isn’t one. What begins as an attempt at vampire film noir, spirals out of control into a slapstick mess of a film.

In the year 2019 an epidemic has turned the majority of the population into vampires. Humans are hunted down and harvested for their blood, but the human population is almost extinct, and the blood supply is running out. Vampires, (who dress in suits and fedora’s, chain smoke like crazy, and have no super powers except for immortality, just lots of weakness’s for some dumb reason) soon turn into morlock like creatures and live in the sewers when they can’t get enough blood. For some reason these morlock creatures do have super powers. Hum, ok.

Ethan Hawke’s character, Edward Dalton, is a hematologist who is working on finding a synthetic blood compound that sustain glorious vampire life. He however is one of the few that sympathizes with the human race, and wants a cure for vampirism. He soon meets Lionel, played by Willem Dafoe, a human who was turned back from being a vampire. Lionel, or Elvis as he likes to be called, is certain a cure can be found from the freak accident that occurred turning him back, and looks to Edward to find this cure. A cure that basically makes no sense what-so-ever by the way. Edward soon sides with the humans and plans to take down his old boss, played by Sam Neill, who obviously needed a paycheck.

“Daybreakers” is filled with every cliche possible in a vampire film. Bats pop up every where, and cheesy line after cheesy line is given. “Your blood, ah what have you done to me!” spit, spit, gag. Ridiculous scene continues after ridiculous scene leaving the majority of the audience chuckling at the stupidity of the film. Characters pop up whenever they feel like it even though they are supposed to be at a hideout miles away. Lots of great fight scenes occur with vampires exploding (those are actually kind of cool and save this from being a complete flop) and we are left with an ending making us say…huh? really? so what was the point of that?

There is a reason the Spierig brothers follow up the their mediocre debut “Undead”, took over two years to be released after it was done with principal photography. It sat on a shelf till the studio decided. now would be a good time to throw this piece of garbage at the public. Avoid this one at all costs unless you find yourself drunk and deciding to stumble into a laughable piece of garbage. If only the movie theater I went to served 40’s of Colt 45 with every ticket purchase…sigh…

Grade: D

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