Urban Legend (1998)

The late 90s brought a pantheon of teen comedy and horror films to the big screen, making billions off teenagers such of myself with films that were basically repackaged films of older horror films.  The door was opened when Scream took the world by storm, bringing multiple copycats soon after.  Urban Legend is one of those.


In a completely un-original concept, we follow a number of college students around as one by one (I mean shocking right) they are picked off by someone re-creating urban legends, and wearing a parka…they couldn’t even be original with that (I Know What You Did Last Summer….same killer).

Who’s the killer?  Who could it possibly be?  The creepy school janitor? The professor? The school reporter?  We’re all in such suspense!  The big problem is that we don’t even get scares from anything.  At least give us some jump out of the closet moments.

The best part of the film is probably watching Jared Leto roll his eyes acting through this piece of garbage. (I’m just doing this for the paycheck and to get me on the road to winning an Oscar).

For some reason Robert Englund pops up as a professor teaching an urban legend class, but we never understand what he has to do with the film…except for using him for Freddy Krueger status to bump box office returns.

In the end Urban Legend is a film that took 10 pages from one horror movie, 10 pages from another horror movie, 10 pages from another, and so forth and so forth, and pieced together a real piece of garbage horror film.

Grade: D

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