Tron Legacy – review

Tron Legacy 3-D

You have no idea how stoked I was to hear that they were going to be making a Tron sequel.  As a kid my mom would take me to the library and almost every time I’d ask if we could check outTron for me to watch for the 100th time.

The sequel starts in 1989 with the mysterious disappearance of Jeff Bridges character Flynn.  He left his company ENCOM to its own devices and it spiraled out of control in his absence.  He left his son Sam behind, clueless as to what really happened to his father.  Sam owns 51% of ENCOM, but chooses to have no part in the business.  Instead he spends his time evading cops on his motorcycle, hacking in to his own company, and base jumping off towers.  Sam, just like his father, is a computer genius.

A mysterious page, yes from a pager, soon pops up sent to Flynn’s old business partner Alan, and it came from the old arcade that Flynn owns.  Sam sets out to find out why, after all these years, his father may have popped up…he soon enters the digital playground that his father created.

Now the story is nothing mind blowing here.  Sam sets out to find his father, and learn about how and why this world was created.  It seems his father created two other dopplegangers to help him build this digital utopia, Tron, and Clue.  Clue it seems has gone rogue and wants to find a way out of the digital world and into the real world, but he can’t get out without Flynn’s digital disc.  The master key to everything. A lot of sweet fight scenes and games commence.

Sam wants to get his father home, but his father knows that Clue will be guarding the portal, which only happens to be open for a short period of time of course, trying to get his data disc and infiltrate the real world.  Sam won’t take no for an answer.  His father soon agrees to try for the portal, as does Quorra, the smoking hot cyber chyk that may be the answer to a whole lot of questions…seriously…she is smoking.

If you’re looking for a gripping, moving story…go see Black Swan or something because you’re not going to get it here.  It’s one of those things though, where I don’t really care.  I’m not looking for that.  What you are given though is a bunch of killer scenes, with some great special effects.  The film looks slick, and sleek in every way.  It’s like a great big digital light show, and Daft Punk just happens to be spinning the jams at the party.  The soundtrack is killer.  The film is a delight to the eyes, and I really just enjoyed the ride along the way.  It was just a cool movie to see.

You definitely should check this out in the theater. As for the 3-D…ehh not so much.  It’s a waste.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think 3-D is one of the dumbest, money sucking inventions ever created.  There was about four 3-D scenes in the film, and the 3-D glasses limited the field of vision, along with actually dimming the picture down which took away from a lot of the bright light spectacle going on.  Skip the 3-D, see the film.

Grade: B

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