Writer – Scott Z. Hoyer

My name is Scott Z. Hoyer.  I am the writer for the music and film reviews here at StrangeluvMF.  I grew up being drawn to films from an early age and while attending school in undergrad and grad, becoming enthralled by the works of many of the great masters of cinema.  This blog is my two cents on the films of today, and the films of the past.

I’m a product of the midwest and have lived in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and currently here in the beautiful and awe-inspiring city of Chicago, IL.  I am also a musician and play in the band The Blissfield Adrian and my current project A Band of Outsiders.

I also operate a podcast called Bring Tha Noize! with fellow podcaster and blogger Ngandu Kasuku.

I am currently working on my first novel, On The Fringes of the City which I hope to have completed in the summer of 2012.

Thanks for reading, and drop me a line!

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