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  • james thompson:

    I appreciate any fellow lovers of The Church and certainly concur with your appraisal of the brilliant one-two punch of After Everything Now This and Starfish. They are the records to which I return most repeatedly. Oddly I tend to revisit Sometime Anywhere more than most folks’ dismissive view of it would warrant. Of course, in this age of digital compression, I have created a much shorter version with a slightly different running order that I think, had it been released this way, would have fared much better both commercially and in peoples’ critical esteem. One last note: Back With Two Beasts is the companion piece of Uninvited, Like the Clouds and is actually not instrumentals as you suggested, but a full-fledged record with vocals on each track. During a recent tour where The Church played a track from each of their records, Ionian Blues was beautifully rendered. Other standouts include Snowfaller , Pantechnicon, Unreliable External, Pearls and Heading South. It would actually be easier to identify the tracks I don’t like (loathe the ponderous Night Sequence, overlong and one-note). I recall reading somewoohere that either Kilbey

    • Hello James,
      We want to let you know that our press-page is running. With the enclosed password you have access to the new album and all other information. (Photos, official Music Video, Press-sheet etc.)
      Please use this code to unlock: dw96e

      The officially release date of “Fragments of a Prayer” is on Sept. 28th 2012. We would be happy if you’ve some time to write about it. Please let us know if you need a copy of the CD or anything else for interview or other stuff…

      Thanks & All the Best,
      Chris & Matt

      Collapse Under The Empire

  • james thompson:

    …or Willson-Piper actually prefer Beasts to Clouds. If your list were to grow to 17, I wonder where you would place Back With Two Beasts. (Sorry, my phone had difficulty with replying to your post, or maybe itwas its owner, so my comments are sadly split in two.) Cheers.

    • hoydogg:

      Hi James. Thanks for reading, and thanks for pointing out my error. I even have Back With Two Beasts and for some reason posted it as an instrumental. I think it definitely shows itself as an album of B-Sides from that time period, although Pearls is one of the best songs of that era, as is Snowfaller. I would probably put the album somewhere between The Blurred Crusade and Gold Afternoon Fix perhaps? I think some of the songs are a little flat and one note, but as of all Church albums it’s got those gems on there. I don’t think it’s better than Uninvited Like the Clouds though, MWP or Kilbey probably said that because Back With Two Beasts is definitely more experimental. I’m giving the album another listen now though, so maybe my mind will change. Thanks again for reading!

    • hoydogg:

      I updated the blog with my mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. I think the problem with Back With Two Beasts is that it doesn’t end strong at all, and has some pretty weak songs, but it begins as good as any Church album.

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