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The World’s End

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost bring us the third and final installment in Wright’s Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, The World’s End.  Following in the footsteps of both Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz, we follow Pegg and Frost along with a few other merry band of brothers as the drink their way along the world’s greatest bar crawl as they attempt to escape the wrath of scary villains and super creeps.  Unfortunately we don’t have as much fun or as many laughs along the way, and instead become very depressed much like film’s star Gary King, played by Pegg.

Gary King was the cool kid in school that vowed to be the baddest guy that every walked the planet, and upon graduating from university lead his best friends on an epic journey down the Golden Mile graduation night.  The Golden Mile is a string of 12 different pubs in their hometown of Newton Haven.  They had epic night that night, losing many of the band of brothers along the way, and never actually finishing the Golden Mile and lay waste on the final pub aptly named, “The World’s End.”

Fast forward 20 years and Gary King has become a alcoholic middle-aged loser, who is a shell of his former self.  He has nothing left to live for, but for some reason he realizes that now is a good time to get that group back together and finally complete what they set out to do 20 years prior.  Complete the Golden Mile!  A lot has happened in those 20 years though, and no one in the group…especially King’s once best friend, now sober Andy, wants anything to do with the Golden Mile or King.  It seems King still has a few tricks up his sleeve however, and somehow gets them all to agree to join up once again.

At first none of King’s friends seem to really want to be there, and the night starts with King, teetotaler Andy, Steven (Paddy Considine), Oliver (Martin Freeman) and Peter (Ray Donovan’s Eddie Marsen) sitting around bar one just catching up on their old, boring, married lives.  None of them really cares about completing the Golden Mile and can’t wait till the evening ends.  King has his sights set on his mission though, and he’s going to make sure everyone else is involved.

The film is filled with some amateurish brit-humor, nothing even close to Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, as the guys begin their pub crawl.  Things start to get really strange though when King has an altercation with a local youth in the men’s room.  It turns out something is a-miss in Newton Haven and the guys are in for a pretty strange evening.

There’s some fun to be had as the guys try to avoid the evil that lurks in the town while still completing their task.  The problem is that it’s not really that fun, and not really that funny either.  I love disaster/end of the world movies when they are done right.  Another film this year, This is the End, was the perfect mix of raunchy humor and post-apocalyptic doom.  The World’s End doesn’t really come close to it.  There’s also an underlying sadness about the film, and who Gary King has become that is some-what depressing.  I didn’t really feel bad for King, I just thought he was a loser and I didn’t want to be around him at all.  THAT is the major problem with the film.  When you don’t want to be involved in the space as the star of the film, you didn’t really want to be watching the film anymore.

Grade: C-