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The greatest question the universe has to offer.  Is there life out there?  And if there is what form will it take?  There have been beyond numerous films attempting to answer this question, and I’d say I enjoy the majority of the them.  Some are done much better than others.  Life…. it sits somewhere in between.

The film begins with members of the ISS finding a single celled organism in the far reaches of space.  It is the first organism of its kind.  They bring it on board in order to study it, and things start to go wrong.  I mean of course, why wouldn’t they?

Numerous tests begin on this new organism as the crew tries to understand what it is.  The crew each has their own specific roles on the ship, and everyone sticks to protocol.  When the organism attacks biologist Dr. Hugh Berry everyone’s get turned on their heads.

The organism which, looks like a piece of scotch tape meets a white banana peel, escapes and begins to move throughout the ISS, growing and adapting to its surrounding.  It’s up to the crew to find it and stop it before it kills them all….heard this before?

The film tries to be as realistic as possible if something like this would ever happen.  The problem is that it moves quite slowly.  40 minutes in to the film feels like 2 hours, and we’re wondering..where is this going?

There’s some great visuals and effects within the film, but in this day and age that’s nothing new.  Technology is at the forefront in films, and especially films involving space.  The acting is great as well with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal being great in their parts, and even the direction by Daniel Espinosa is fantastic, but Life just doesn’t give you anything to walk away from saying wow.

The comparisons to Alien are much too strong, and I thought that the first time I saw the trailer.  Life is a film that feels like it was rushed to post production in order to beat the release of Alien: Covenant.  Does that make it any less entertaining?  No, not really, but that doesn’t make it very good.

Grade: C+